Bulgaria: Heat records broken, as temperatures are about to fall

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Several heat records were broken in Bulgaria on July 1 2017. In the town of Rousse, 44 degrees Centigrade were measured, the highest value ever. According to the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology, things looked pretty similar in Pleven, where it has not been this hot in 115 years.

In Shoumen, 37.2 degrees were measured. Last time this happened in 1938. And in Silistra, where more than 40 degrees were registered, a 50-year heat record was broken, according to Bulgarian language media.

In Plovdiv and many other places, employers changed working times for their employees, because of the scorching heat. This especially applied to construction workers and people with other outdoor professions.

At least five people died in Sofia, due to the heat. Hundreds of Bulgarians needed to be treated in hospitals and by their family doctors, because of heat-related issues such as exhaustion.

Even though the capital Sofia was one of the more harmless places, the heat made sure the city was deserted during the day. At bars and restaurants on Vitosha Boulevard, there were mostly empty tables, even at “Raffy”, which is usually overcrowded every single day.

This changed in the late evening, when hundreds invaded those places, even though the heat was still bad. At 10pm, the air in Sofia still made people feel like they were standing right next to a heated pizza oven.

Today, temperatures in Bulgaria are supposed to be a few degrees lower than yesterday. On Monday, they will slump by up to 20 degrees, compared to Saturday. Rain and thunderstorms will spread in parts of Bulgaria.




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