Imports of Bulgarian goods to Switzerland are on the rise

Written by on June 30, 2017 in Business - Comments Off on Imports of Bulgarian goods to Switzerland are on the rise

For Switzerland, Bulgaria might not be the most important trade partner, but there is a sharp increase regarding the import of Bulgarian goods to Switzerland. This is what is says in a statement released by the Swiss Customs Administration (EZV).

According to the EZV, Bulgaria is only the 43rd most important trade partner for Switzerland. But while imports from E.U. countries increased by only 5 percent, on average, during the first six years of this millennium, imports from Bulgaria to Switzerland increased by 18 percent.

Bulgaria’s northern neighbour Romania still registers more exports to Switzerland than Bulgaria, but the growth is not quite as large. Last year, Switzerland imported goods from Romania worth 594 million Euro, while the imports from Bulgaria were worth substantially less than half that amount. They totalled 261 million Euro.

The growth regarding Swiss exports to Bulgaria and Romania was not quite as impressive since this millennium started. Last year, Switzerland still had trade surpluses with both of the Balkan countries mentioned. The surplus with Romania was 104 million Euro, the one with Bulgaria 99 million Euro.

From Bulgaria and Romania, Switzerland mainly imports textiles, clothing and shoes, as well as machines and electronics.



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