Food Safety Agency: Food products in Bulgaria are partially of lower quality

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The Bulgarian Agency for Food Safety has tested food brands offered by international companies in Bulgaria and Western Europe. The outcome of the study is rather disturbing, since some products tested in Bulgaria were of lower quality. At the same time, prices for certain brands in Bulgaria are significantly higher than in Western Europe, the agency says.

According to Bulgaria’s Minister of Agriculture Rumen Porozhanov, the quality differences apply to purees for babies and toddlers as well. He sees a double standard in the food production.

Porozhanov did not name the brands in question, but he stated some of the products checked were 20 to 70 percent more expensive in Bulgaria. According to the minister, 5 or 10 percent could have been explained, because of logistic aspects. But the differences were far too high.

Tomorrow, the Bulgarian Commission for Consumer Protection will discuss the price differences mentioned. The double standard will be a subject at the next Council of Ministers meeting on July 17, 2017.

The discussion about “second quality food” in Eastern Europe came up in 2015, in several countries, including Slovakia, Czechia and Bulgaria. Back then, an official inquiry was sent to the European Commission. Nothing much seems to have changed since.

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