Excessive heat in Bulgaria: Weather warnings in place for June 29

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Weather warnings are in place for all of Bulgaria, due to excessive heat expected on Thursday, June 29, 2017. In Northern Bulgaria, a Code Orange dangerous weather warning is valid for six provinces.

In Montana, Pleven, Rousse, Veliko Turnovo, Vidin and Vratsa, 39 to 40 degrees Centigrade were forecast for Thursday. This kind of heat is considered dangerous, especially for elderly people and small children.

For the entire rest of Bulgaria, the lesser Code Yellow potentially dangerous weather warnings are in place for tomorrow, because of temperatures between 35 and 38 degrees.

Weather warnings for Friday, June 30, 2017, were expected as well, since meteorologists announced yet another increase in temperatures, compared to Thursday, with 38 to 40 degrees forecast for the entire country.

In the kind of heat expected, people are usually advised not take unnecessary trips, to stay cool as much as possible and to drink a lot of water.

The scorching heat in Bulgaria was a sharp contrast compared to the weather in January, when the extreme winter covered Bulgaria in a rather thick snow layer with freezing temperatures, down to -25 degrees Centigrade.



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