SeongJin Ahn from South Korea: Walking from Bulgaria to Portugal

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It is an adventure not many would even consider. Walking all the way from Burgas to Lisbon? To some, this might sound absolutely crazy. To others it is a great idea. And SeongJin Ahn from South Korea intends to do exactly that. He has already started his long walk, and he is looking for folks who will give him a sofa to sleep on along the way.

A week ago, SeongJin Ahn packed his backpack in his home town of SangJu and boarded a plane. On Thursday, he was in Burgas and started walking. The idea behind his adventurous trip is getting to know Europe and making friends. During the first four days of his endeavour, he already got to know quite a few Bulgarians and expatriates.

Right now, on Monday morning, SeongJin Ahn is in Kermen. His plan for today is to walk some 20 kilometers to Nova Zagora. In this case, he has already booked a room for the night.

Last night was not that great for the 25-year-old adventurer from the Far East. In Kermen, he slept in a tent. But in the middle of the night some youngsters came and shouted like crazy, which is why he slept four hours only. This aspect, along with the heat, means that SeongJin Ahn will have a challenging Monday.

Michael Kidd is an expat in Bulgaria. He invited SeongJin Ahn to stay with him and his family in the town of Voynika on Friday night, and spoke to him about his route. Michael told The Sofia Globe, SeongJin Ahn intended to see Plovdiv and Sofia, before continuing on towards Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Croatia. Slovenia, Italy and France are next.

“We hope to meet up with him again in France”, says Michael Kidd, who also owns a house located in a village to the north of Narbonne. By the time SeongJin Ahn gets there, he will have walked for weeks.

SeongJin Ahn needs more friends who are as helpful as Michael Kidd is. From him, SeongJin Ahn did not just get dinner, a sofa and breakfast, but also some good advice: “I’ve warned him about sheep ticks, snakes, Brits and most of the other pests”, Kidd jokingly wrote in a Facebook post.

“You only live once” is SeongJin Ahn’s motto. He does need places to stay along the way and can be contacted via Facebook Messenger. This is his profile.

Photo: SeongJin Ahn with Bulgarian friends. By SeongJin Ahn. 





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