Bulgaria: A week of scorching heat forecast

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Our star, the sun, might be exaggerating this week, as meteorologists have forecast temperatures as high as 43 degrees Centigrade or 107.6 degrees Fahrenheit for parts of Bulgaria.

The week is supposed to start with heat today. But those 28 degrees at the Black Sea, the 32 degrees in Sofia, or the 35 degrees forecast for most of central Bulgaria on Monday seem rather harmless, compared what is supposed to come.

On Tuesday, temperatures are even supposed to decrease by about 3 to 4 degrees. Thunderstorms and rain falls are expected in most of Bulgaria, at some point during the day. So, Tuesday will likely be the most enjoyable day of the week.

If the forecasters are right, things will be pretty bad by Thursday, with 30 degrees at the seaside and up to 40 degrees in parts of Southern and Northern Bulgaria. Then, on Friday, there won’t be a cloud in the sky, while parts of the country will hit 43 degrees Centigrade. It’s not a typo. Forty-three degrees. This applies to the Haskovo region, while Plovdiv, Stara Zagora and Yambol are in for 42 degrees, and Sofia will enjoy 38, which is still above body temperature.

On Saturday July 1st, five and a half months before Christmas, Bulgarians, foreign tourists and expats in the country will still feel like fried chicken, while on July 2nd, it might cool down slightly. But it will hardly make a difference.

So, later this week it will be so hot that we might ask ourselves whether we actually live in the habitable zone of our solar system.




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