Bulgaria: Chaos at Sofia Airport and Sofia Central Station

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Sofia’s two main transport hubs, Sofia Airport and the Bulgarian capital’s Central station, became extremely chaotic in the past few hours. As a result, hundreds of passengers were delayed or stranded.

At Sofia Airport, a bomb scare messed up things in the late evening on Friday. The alarm sounded at around 10:40 p.m.. Immediately, everyone was evacuated from both Terminal 1 and 2.

Specialized departments sent by the Ministry of the Interior started a search. At midnight, the authorities came to the conclusion that it was a false alarm. Terminal 2 was reopened at that moment, Terminal 1 at 12:23 a.m..

The bomb scare lead to extreme delays.

On Saturday morning, in the meantime, the chaos hit Sofia’s Central Station. Countless passengers were trying to purchase train tickets, but for some reason, the staff could not handle the masses. Bulgarian National Television reported, some passengers managed to purchase tickets by paying twice the price.

But hundreds endured extremely long waiting times in queues.




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