The most unconventional love story on the Balkans

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It happened 24 years ago in the village of Brodski Varoš in Croatia: Stjepan Vokić, back then he was caretaker at a school in that village, found a female stork with broken wings. Vokić knew that bird was not going to be able to fly back to Africa for the winter. So he took it home, in order to take care of it for a few days.

Today, almost a quarter of a century later, Malena, the stork, is still with Vokić, who is a pensioner by now. The old man brings Malena through the winter in his warm home. But whenever spring is around the corner, this unconventional relationship involving Malena, the stork, and the old man Vokić, becomes a triangle love story.

In the past 17 years, a male stork by the name of Klepetan showed up in March, in order to be with Malena. Throught the warm season, the couple would live in a nest located on top of Vokić’s house. And they would have kids. When little storks fell out of the nest, which according to Vokić happened frequently, he would be there and bring them back home.

As it turns out, Klepetan flew some 15,000 kilometers every year, in order to be with Malena, the poor bird who can’t fly anymore.

This year, it is unclear, whether it is Klepetan who showed up, or another stork, who was in love with Malena as well. Media reports from Croatia have been contradictory.

But one thing will probably never change: Every single year, at the end of August, Stjepan Vokić will take Malena back into his home and care for her, until spring is around the corner again, while Klepetan and all other storks are in Africa. This one-of-a-kind triangle love story is a real tearjerker.



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