‘BulgariaSat-1’: Launch of Bulgarian satellite delayed yet again

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The launch of ‘BulgariaSat-1’, a so-called geostationary satellite owned by BulgariaSat, a division of Bulsatcom, was delayed yet again. After several previous delays, it had been scheduled to blast off into space later today.

But SpaceX, the company which provides and launches Falcon 9 rockets for ‘BulgariaSat-1’ and other satellites, said a fairing valve on the rocket needed to be replaced. The next launch opportunities were June 23rd and 24th, 2017, Friday and Saturday.

While the Bulgarian satellite owners will probably not be too happy when they read the news at the office later this morning, SpaceX seems to be excited. That is because the company intends to launch an Iridium satellite this coming weekend as well. Therefore, it is hoping for a “weekend double header”.

Both satellites will be launched on Falcon 9 rockets. But while ‘BulgariaSat-1’ will blast off from a NASA launch site in Cape Canaveral, Florida, the Iridium satellite will be sent into space from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.

The Falcon 9, which is supposed to carry the Bulgarian satellite, is a so-called proven rocket, meaning it has been in space before.

Once in space, ‘BulgariaSat-1’ will find its orbit located 36,000 kilometers from Earth, and then provide Bulsatcom customers in Bulgaria and other parts of Europe with high quality television signals.

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