Sofia traffic guidance: Big changes in the city center

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After fourteen months, Boulevard Patriarch Ephtimi in the center of Sofia was reopened for traffic yesterday, including trolley buses 1, 2, 5 and 8. Anyone driving from the center towards the “Five Corners” intersection would therefore not use Boulevard Vassil Levski anymore. On Saturday, things were pretty much back to what they were in early 2016, at least regarding the traffic guidance.

The construction of Sofia’s third Metro line had been the reason to close Boulevard Patriarch Ephtimi. Since underground construction is ongoing, one lane is still closed at two locations. This is where a new Metro station is being constructed.

At the “Popa” statue, traffic towards the Five Corners needs to turn right into Boulevard Patriarch Ephtimi again.

On Saturday, Boulevard Vassil Levski between the NDK tunnel and the corner of Graf Ignatiev Street still had lanes in the opposite direction, but they were closed for all traffic. The demarcation panels in the middle of the road should disappear within days.

But whoever thought that things would normalise anytime soon, in the center of Sofia, was very wrong. That is because the Municipality has finally taken a decision regarding Boulevard Praga, which will be refurbished. For many years, that cobble stone street has been in a terrible state.

Between the NDK Tunnel and “Popa”, Boulevard Vassil Levski is a one-way street again.

What this means is that Boulevard Praga will have to be shut down completely. It was unclear what Sofia Municipality had in mind for the trolley bus lines which use the boulevard. Another big chaos is a foregone conclusion, but it is necessary.

Countless other construction projects are ongoing or about to begin in Sofia as well. A summary can be found here.

All photos by Imanuel Marcus.

Boulevard Praga will be refurbished and closed soon.

The situation in the NDK Tunnel will improve as well.



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