Comment: The cheap distraction game played by the Bulgarian government

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When a government party like VMRO says, the Sofia Pride Parade had “intolerable morals”, and the head of government, Boiko Borissov, does not straighten his coalition partner out, this is not the Bulgaria it should be.

When another government party, in this case Ataka, says homosexuality was an “ugly phenomenon” and demands a criminalisation of all participants of a gay parade, a proposal reminiscent of Nazi Germany in the 1930s, and neither the head of government nor the head of state intervene, this is not the open-minded country it could be.

When the head of government and the Mayor of Sofia pretend the Sofia Pride Parade does not exist and, on the day of the parade, try to put on a distraction show at Metro construction sites, instead of showing support and setting an example by doing so, this is a cheap form of ignorance.

Leading politicians like Prime Minister Boiko Borissov or Sofia Mayor Yordanka Fandakova, or like the President, might have their reasons to ignore the LGBT community, but either way, it is wrong.

> If they are homophobic, they should openly say so, along with their “patriot” partners.

> If they do not care at all, about a large minority like the LGBT community, they should not be leading politicians in the first place.

> If they are afraid they might lose support among voters if they do what is right, by standing up for lesbians and gays, cowardice would be the word which comes to mind.

Or is there a more abstract reason nobody but them would understand? I doubt it.

This is 2017, Bulgaria has been part of the E.U. for 10 years. Where is the tolerance? Where is the solidarity? Where is the courage?

Imanuel Marcus is Associate Editor of The Sofia Globe.

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