Bulgarian Road Infrastructure Agency: Trakia Motorway is the busiest road

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The Bulgarian Road Infrastructure Agency has counted traffic on Bulgaria’s motorways and came up with numbers.

Trakia Highway, which connects Sofia and Plovdiv with Burgas, is the busiest motorway in the country. Its busiest day this year, so far, was April 17, Easter Monday. That day, 32,200 vehicles used that important road.

But there was even more traffic on Trakia Highway on the last day of last year’s summer vacation, August 31, 2016, when 37,600 vehicles raced towards Plovdiv and Sofia.

On that same motorway, the average number of vehicles per day, between Sofia and Plovdiv, was 28,500 last year. This includes both passenger vehicles and trucks. Further East, that number decreases.

In comparison, Struma Highway, large parts of which are under construction, is not that busy. Only some 10,000 vehicles per day use it, at this stage.

Struma Highway will connect Pernik (and Sofia, via the A6 motorway) with the Greek border at the Kulata crossing.

Thanks to Trakia Highway, a car trip from Sofia to Burgas takes three hours. Fifteen years ago, when the motorway was not available yet, the same journey took six to seven hours. That is the time a bus takes nowadays, including stops in Plovdiv and Stara Zagora.

Photo: Trakia Highway, by Imanuel Marcus



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