‘Saber Guardian’: Huge military exercise to take place in Bulgaria

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For the seventh time, the annual military exercise Saber Guardian will take place. It commences on July 11, 2017, involves a total of 25,000 soldiers from the United States and from 23 partner nations and will take place in Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary.

Saber Guardian is supposed to demonstrate deterrence capability and the ability to mass forces anywhere in Europe, at any time.

This multinational exercise will include the 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division. The 2nd Cavalry Regiment, stationed in Germany, will move to numerous exercise locations throughout the joint operations area. Saber Guardian will also feature an air defense artillery live fire exercise, several field training and live fire exercises, multiple river crossings, and a mass casualty exercise.

Since 2013, the Saber Guardian exercise rotates through Bulgaria, Romania, and Ukraine and serves as part of U.S. European Command’s Joint Exercise Program (JEP). The 2017 version is the largest iteration of the Saber Guardian series to date.

But Saber Guardian is only part of a large number of exercises designed to support security and stability, which are scheduled in the Black Sea region:

– Resolute Castle: An ongoing exercise, which concentrates on engineering missions in Romania.

– Szentes Axe: Starts on June 26 in Hungary, exercises in connection with bridge building and river crossings.

– Brave Warrior 2017:  Starts on June 26 as well. Focuses on joint maneuvers and the capability of Visegrad Group European Union Battlegroup to conduct equipment staging.

– Black Swan: Starts on June 26, 2017, in Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania. It enables participants to rehearse and demonstrate integration between special operations and conventional forces.

– Swift Response: An U.S.-led, airborne exercise which starts on July 13 at several Bulgarian, Hungarian, and Romanian locations. Includes two air assaults and two joint forcible entries.

– Tobruq Legacy: An air defense artillery exercise scheduled to commence on July 12 at locations in the Czech Republic, Lithuania, and Romania.

– Immediate Response: A Slovenian command post exercise, which takes place from July 12 to 16, 2017.

– Eagle Sentinel: Starts on July 17 at Koren Training Area in Bulgaria. It is a live fire exercise, which is being integrated into Saber Guardian.

– Peace Sentinel: A Bulgarian Land Forces exercise scheduled to take place from July 10 to 20, 2017, at Koren Training Area.

– Shabla 2017: A Bulgarian Air Force air defense artillery live fire exercise, which starts on July 6 in Shabla, Bulgaria.

– Sea Breeze: An exercise led by the U.S. Naval Forces Europe, which takes place in the Black Sea from July 11, 2017

This summer, there will be even more Black Sea exercises not listed here.




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