‘BulgariaSat-1’: Launch date for Bulgarian satellite set

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Bulgaria’s first geostationary communication satellite, ‘BulgariaSat-1’, will be shot into space on June 17, 2017. This launch date was set by SpaceX, the provider of the Falcon 9 rocket which will carry the satellite.

This launch date applies if everything goes well, and if the meteorological conditions, also known as “weather”, remain acceptable, according to SpaceX. Otherwise, the launch might be delayed by up to a few days.

The company BulgariaSat, a division of Bulsatcom, owns the satellite, which will provide lots of high quality television signals to customers in Bulgaria and across Europe. Originally, ‘BulgariaSat-1’ was supposed to blast off at the end of 2016.

Recently, after all onboard systems were tested successfully, SSL, the manufacturer of the satellite, checked the satellite’s solar array, by deploying it in an artificially created zero-gravity environment. Afterwards, ‘BulgariaSat-1’ was squeezed into a protective high tech container and shipped to the launch site in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

The Falcon 9 rocket, which will carry the satellite, is “proven”. That term is used by space travel experts and basically means “used”. The fact that the very Falcon 9, which is supposed to do the job, has been to space before, is seen as a positive aspect, since it has proven (here we go) its “spaceworthiness”.

BulgariaSat has recently said that a second satellite might be sent to space, if the launch of the first one goes well.

Photo by SpaceX

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