Recently above Sofia: Two incidents involving aircraft

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Thanks to a changing world and low cost airlines, more and more aircraft fly around above our heads. Online flight trackers reveal a huge amount of planes of all sizes above all parts of the world, at any given moment.

Without rules and regulations, the system would not become safer, which has been the case in the past decade or two, but less safe. Rules for the conduct of passengers are important too, since an aircraft is not a bus, which can stop at any corner, in order to throw passengers out, or add additional ones.

Sofia Airport might not be Heathrow or J.F.K. Airport, meaning it is not really an important hub, from a global perspective. Still, Sofia Airport was the scene of two incidents, which happened in the past days.

The first incident happened just yesterday: A Boeing 737 owned by Ryanair came in from Eindhoven in The Netherlands. Due to a pretty strong thunderstorm, which hit Sofia on Tuesday afternoon, it could not land immediately. So it circled around the skies above Sofia for almost an hour, before landing with a delay.

The other incident which happened this week was more serious. There are a few things passengers, including tourists en route to a nice holiday destination, should never do on airplanes, including getting into big arguments or fist fights, drinking too much or smoking. For five passengers, who were arrested at Sofia Airport this week, that advice did not come soon enough.

On a Thomas Cook flight from Glasgow to Dalaman in Turkey, a passenger decided to have a “quick smoke” on board, “Glasgow Live” reported. Then he got into a brawl with other passengers. Alcohol was involved.

Since the brawl on the aircraft was not harmless, the pilot decided to divert to Sofia Airport, where five Scottish passengers were arrested by Bulgarian police. During the arrest, a male flight attendant reportedly broke his thumb.

Afterwards, the flight to Turkey resumed with a big delay. As a result, tourists on their way back home had to spend an additional night in Turkey.

And the moral of this story is: Don’t drink and fly. Don’t smoke and fly either. Don’t get into fist fights in aircraft.



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