Pipe replacement: Half the city of Sofia without hot water

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Half of Sofia will be without hot water, starting today, for nine days. This has to do with repairs and the replacement of aging pipes. Water outages (and electricity outages) are very common in Bulgaria, even in 2017, but this case is different, because it will take so long. On June 16, 2017, the warm water will supposedly be back.

Many streets and quarters will be affected, including Historia Slavobulgarska St., Boulevard Danail Nikolaev, Prof. Milko Bichev St., Boulevard Evlogi and Hristo Georgiev, Boulevard Fridtjof Nansen, Boulevard Patriarch Evtimi, Boulevard Praga, Boulevard Pencho Slaveykov, Boulevard General Totleben, Joachim Kurchovski St., Damyan Gruev St. the area around the Russian Monument, Zone B-5 , Zone B-17 , Zone B-18 and Zone B-19 .

Also Opalchenska St., Boulevard Maria Louisa, the area around Stochna Gara, as well as the quarters Banishora, Tsveta Troitsa and Fondovi Hilitsa will be without hot water. Starting on Friday, the affected areas will be extended to Pancharevoa and Kokalyane, around the lake. In this case, the reason is a construction project, in which the Iskar Dam is supposed to be extended.



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