The Bulgarian Pride Parade has its own Film Fest

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The Sofia Pride Parade is only days away. It will take place on June 10, 2017, at 6:00 pm at the Monument of the Soviet Army, close to Sofia University.

But the organisers have even filled the days leading up to the big event with culture. As it turns out, the Pride Parade has its own little film fest, and it isn’t the first, but the sixth time it does. The Sofia Pride Film Festival started yesterday evening. It takes place at Kino Odeon and Dom na Kinoto (Одеон и Дома на киното). Admission is free.

Simeon Vassilev from the Sofia Pride organising committee said, the film festival aimed to acquaint the public with the LGBT through art. “This year we have chosen films that give new and different perspectives to the LGBT community throughout the world and explore themes of trans-sexuality, the intersections of religion, race and family relationships”, Vassilev stated.

These are the screenings from today until the last day of the festival, which is June 9:

May 5, 20:30 hrs., Kino Odeon: Arianna (Italy)

Arianna is nineteen years old and still has not had her first period. Despite the fact that her breasts have become slightly enlarged, which causes her some discomfort, the hormones her gynecologist prescribed for her do not seem to be helping with her maturation. An encounter with her young cousin Celeste, whose feminine figure is distinctly different than Arianna’s, as well as the fact that, unlike her, Celeste has already lost her virginity, pushes Arianna to confront the true nature of her sexuality.

May 6, 20:30 hrs., Kino Odeon: Blush (Israel)

17-year-old Naama Barash enjoys alcohol, drugs and hanging out with like-minded friends. Her activities are an escape from a home where her parents always fight, and a rebellious, army-enrolled sister, who, one day, disappears. As a new girl shows up at school, Barash falls deep in love for the first time. The intensity of the experience confuses her and gives her life new meaning.

May 7, 20:30 hrs., Kino Odeon: Real Boy (U.S.A.)

It is an intimate story of a family in transition. As 19-year-old Bennett Wallace navigates early sobriety, late adolescence, and the evolution of his gender identity, his mother makes her own transformation from resistance to acceptance of her trans son. Along the way, both mother and son find support in their communities, reminding us that families are not only given, but chosen.

May 8, 21:00 hrs., Kino Odeon: Inside the Chinese Closet (The Netherlands)

In a desperate attempt to meet their parents’ expectations, Andy goes on a hunt for a lesbian woman to marry and Cherry in search of a baby to adopt. Being homosexual makes it hard to conform to their families’ and society’s expectations, but both Andy and Cherry are determined to do things ‘the right way’.

May 9, 19:00 hrs. – Kiki, Dom Na Kinoto: Kiki (U.S.A.)

A group of LGBTQ youths of color unite to form a safe gathering space. “Kiki” is an award winning documentary with an extremely intimate and visually bold approach.

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