London terror attack: Bulgarian embassy collecting information

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Update 08:51 a.m.: Bulgarian Embassy in the U.K. says no Bulgarians were harmed in latest terror attack.

After the latest terror attack, in which six pedestrians were murdered, all of Europe is in shock, again. Police in London said, all three attackers were shot dead. At least 30 people were injured.

Shortly after 10:00 pm local time, police had received reports about a vehicle which had “struck pedestrians” on London Bridge. The terrorists kept on driving to Borough Market, where they left the vehicle and stabbed people, including one police officer, who sustained serious injuries.

In the early morning, the Bulgarian Embassy in the U.K. said there was no information about possible Bulgarian victims of the terror attack. The embassy was “in constant contact with the local authorities”, it said in a statement.

Bulgarian citizens who need updated information or who want to report relatives or friends as missing, may call the phone number 7581 020 3144 from within the U.K. or +44 20 7581 3144 from Bulgaria.

Less than two weeks ago, on May 22nd, as many as 22 people, among them many children, were murdered in an Islamist terror attack in Manchester, outside a concert hall, where Ariana Grande had performed. The number of injured was 116. Grande, an American singer, is scheduled to perform in Manchester again tonight, in tribute of the many victims.





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