BNT: Ten refugees killed in vehicle accident in Bulgaria 

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Ten refugees were killed on early Sunday morning, when a mini bus they were travelling in crashed on Trakia Motorway.

According to Bulgarian National Television (BNT), “17 or 18 illegal migrants” were in the vehicle, when the accident occurred at the 90 kilometer mark of the highway, close to the town of Pazardzhik, at around 5:30 pm. The survivors of the accident were injured.

BNT reported, the van was driven by a minor of 16 years, who did not have a drivers license. The police believes, he might have fallen asleep while driving. As a result, the van collided with a tree.

The number of refugees in Bulgaria has been very low for months. Many asylum seekers managed to get to Western Europe, even though the so-called Balkan Route is officially closed for refugees.

In the past two winters, at least four refugees froze to death in Bulgaria. Also, several asylum seekers drowned in the Danube in 2016, while trying to reach Romania. In 2015, one Afghan refugee was shot by a Bulgarian police officer.

Yesterday’s accident is the worst and deadliest incident involving refugees in Bulgaria.

“Illegal migrants” are refugees who enter countries by bypassing official border crossings.




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