Bulgarian National Radio: Foreign language services closed

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Bulgarian National Radio (BNR) just closed most its foreign language programmes, also known as Radio Bulgaria. According to its management, there was not enough interest to keep those online broadcasts alive. The terrestrial distribution of those programmes had ended in 2012.

BNR shows in Turkish will remain, since that language is being spoken by the Turkish minority in Bulgaria as well.

Just a month ago, Radio Bulgaria had celebrated its 80th anniversary. In 1936, it had started its first news broadcasts in Esperanto, which was supposed to be the new world language. In 1937, the station, which was called Radio Sofia back then, broadcasted shows in French, German, Italian and English.

Because Bulgaria partnered with Nazi Germany, the fascists from both countries cooperated, by spreading their propaganda as well. When the communists took over in 1944, they extended the programmes in different languages. After the fall of communism, Radio Sofia became Radio Bulgaria in 1993.

Along with the end of Radio Bulgaria broadcasts, BNR’s text news in most languages will disappear as well.

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