Bulgarian Environment Ministry to start Black Sea water inspections

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The Ministry of Environment and Water and the Ministry of Tourism in Sofia announced joint inspections “on the readiness of sewage treating plants” at the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. This decision by Environment Minister Neno Dimov and Tourism Minister Nikolina Angekova was announced in a statement.

According to Dimov, the Regional Inspectorates in Burgas and Varna were instructed to be diligent during those inspections, which will take place on a regular basis, until the tourist season ends at end of August. The minister said, experts would monitor all potential pollutants, and, if necessary, take punitive measures.

“We want tourists to be assured that the water in the sea is clean. Therefore Regional Health Inspections will begin to take samples”, Dimov said. The purpose of those checks was “preventive action in early summer”. According to him, the sewage plant in Varna is working normally.

Minister Dimov also stressed, on Bulgaria’s Northern coast line, there was no issue with water treatment plants. All resorts and settlements in that region had one. He did not say what that statement means for the Southern part of the coast.

In the meantime, NGOs in all six countries with Black Sea coasts have painted a grim picture of the Black Sea’s state.

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