Truck drivers have enough: Blockade of Danube Bridge 2

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Bulgarian truck drivers blocked the bridge connecting the Bulgarian town of Vidin with Calafat in Romania for four hours yesterday. They demand faster borders checks on the Romanian side. It was not the first time lorry drivers lose their patience at Bulgaria’s northern borders.

One truck driver, who was involved in the blockade, told Bulgarian National Television (BNT): “This is the 21st century. I can not wait for 9 hours, at 30 degrees Centigrade.” Another driver stated, he and his colleagues were not interested in any technical problems, which politicians had kept on citing. They just wanted results.

According to some drivers, the Romanian customs usually open just two windows at that important border crossing, while the Bulgarian side checked trucks and their content a lot faster. After a blockade in January, the two countries had agreed to open three lanes on this crossing. Besides, both Bulgaria and Romania are E.U. countries.

Because of the blockade, the Governor of Vidin, Albena Georgieva, came to the Danube bridge. She told BNT, the would be an “urgent meeting” between border authorities with the aim to work on a solution. Until then, truck drivers will probably need a lot of patience.

If the situation does not get resolved quickly, the drivers intend to organise a new blockade.

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