As close as it gets: ‘The Simon & Garfunkel Story’ to hit stages in Bulgaria

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Some 15 years ago, Art Garfunkel’s brother actually lived in Bulgaria. The elderly gentleman is (or was) married to a Bulgarian. They had a house in Bankya, if the author remembers correctly. But neither Art Garfunkel himself, nor Paul Simon ever set foot on Bulgarian soil. That is about to change. Well, sort of.

While people usually grow older, the opposite is the case here. Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel, two New Yorkers, were born less than a month apart in 1941, which makes each of them 75 years old. But on those Bulgarian stages, in Sofia, Ruse and Varna, they will be back in their twenties. That is because in ‘The Simon & Garfunkel Story’, Sam O’Hanlon is Simon and Charles Blyth is Garfunkel. Time travel, the easy way.

The thing is that they absolutely sound like the original. Most people who are 50 or older, at least those from the U.K., Germany or other Western European countries, remember those tunes and albums. “The Sound of Silence”, “The Boxer”, “Mrs. Robinson”, those were nice folk tunes. “Bridge Over Troubled Water”, which was actually the last studio album they recorded, contained really nice tunes, including “The Only Living Boy in New York”. Absolutely everyone owned that album, or at least had recorded it at a friend’s house, on a cassette.

The original: Simon & Garfunkel in New York City, back in the days.

Paul Simon, the singer, composer and producer, and Art Garfunkel, a singer only, met in 1953. By 1957, they performed together as ‘Tom and Jerry’. They would split up and get together again several times during their stunning career. They won a total of 10 Grammy Awards and were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Also they had their famous Central Park Concert.

The show called ‘The Simon & Garfunkel Story’ goes back in time. Pat Ashworth of the U.K. publication “The Stage”, says the show generated “a tide of warmth”. According to her, “it’s the acoustic guitar that thrills (…). The songs are expertly played against a background of grainy, faded, mostly black-and-white photographs that tell America’s story too in the turbulent years of the sixties and seventies. There’s a haunting quality about it all, a sadness, yearning and social conscience conveyed in images of landscape wastes, civil rights protest and rain-washed New York tenements.”

On October 12th, 2017, ‘The Simon & Garfunkel Story’ will be performed in Sofia, on October 13th in Ruse and on October 14th in Varna. Tickets for all three performances are available here. Sofia tickets cost 40 to 80 Leva, Ruse tickets from 20 to 40 and Varna tickets from 30 to 60 Leva.

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