Sofia Pride Parade on June 10, 2017: The fight against prejudice continues

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The Sofia Pride Parade is scheduled to take place in exactly one month from now, on Saturday, June 10, 2017. At 6 p.m., the participants will meet at the Monument of the Soviet Army. Later that evening, they will demonstrate against prejudice towards the LGBT community.

A route for the demonstration through Sofia will be agreed on with the municipality, the organizers said.

Today, they introduced an SMS number for donations: 17 777 (send “DMS SOFIAPRIDE”). The number works in Bulgaria. Subscribers of Telenor, Mtel and Vivacom donate 1 Lev per SMS. Users of prepaid phone services donate 1.20 Leva per SMS. The donations collected will be used for the Sofia Pride Parade.

Last year, Sofia municipality allowed a counter-protest on the same day. It is unclear whether this will happen again this time around. According to Bulgarian LGBT publications, nationalists opposed to homosexuality have announced activities on the internet.

The LGBT community in Bulgaria is in a difficult situation. While Western European countries, the United States and Israel are supporting the Sofia Pride Parade, the LGBT community in this country is mostly confronted with an unprecedented level of homophobia and intolerance.

Very few organisations, among them the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee, fight for the rights of lesbians, gays, bisexual and transgender people.

But Bulgarian politicians do not support the LGBT community at all. Hate speech is common and hate crimes are not being investigated as such, since the law does not force prosecutors and the police to do so. Also, neither same-sex marriage, nor registered same-sex partnerships are options in Bulgaria.

The Sofia Pride Parade’s Facebook page can be found here.



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