Bulgaria: Bust of Ronald Reagan in Sofia’s South Park

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Sofia now has a statue of Ronald Reagan, the 40th President of the United States. It was unveiled at the Bulgarian capital’s South Park today, in an alley which was named after Reagan in 2011, the centennial of his birth.

Many Bulgarians credit Reagan for the fall of communism in their country and abroad. The idea for a bust was developed some years ago.

The U.S. Ambassador to Bulgaria, Eric Rubin, took part in the unveiling event. During his speech he said: “President Reagan represented America, and America’s commitment to ending the postwar division of Europe, thereby ending the Cold War standoff that consigned millions of people, among them the people of Bulgaria, to dictatorship and tyranny.”

But, even more importantly, Reagan had represented hope, faith and optimism, Rubin stated. “At a time when many had given up on the possibility of restoring democracy and freedom to Eastern Europe, President Reagan insisted that it was not only possible, but inevitable.”

Rubin saluted the sculptor of the Reagan statue, Boris Borissov, who had been chosen in a competition. The Ambassador called the bust remarkable and beautiful. “This statue will stand here in South Park as a reminder of America’s support for Bulgaria’s freedom, independence and security, and of the role that President Reagan played in making today’s reality possible”, Rubin said.

President Reagan, a Republican, was in office for two full terms, from January 1981 to January 1989. While his most famous quote is “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”, the conservative was also known for his humor. Reagan used to tell jokes into cameras, including the following one (see video):

Photo at top of page: Ambassador Rubin with the Reagan statue. Photo by U.S. Embassy Sofia.



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