Expat test: You know you’re a real expat in Bulgaria when …

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You know you are an expat in Bulgaria when …

1. … you don’t need those lengthy explanations about Martenichki anymore.

2. … you start renovating your apartment at midnight, without giving a damn about your noise.

3. … when you actually believe Vitosha Boulevard is the Champs Élysées of Sofia.

4. … when you take the stunning view of Vitosha mountain for granted.

5. … when you secretly like Chalga music, while complaining about it to your friends.

6. … when you start driving like an imbecile.

7. … when you already know the sales person at any shop you enter will not have any change.

8. … when you can name at least two national heroes of Bulgaria.

9. … when you are suddenly a fan of bench parties at parks.

10. … when you already feel Bulgarian, in a way, even though your knowledge of the language still sucks.

11. … when you enter the immigration office at Blvd. Maria Luiza, already knowing nobody in there speaks a word of English.

12. … when you know those elegantly dressed Mormon neighbours from Utah.

13. … when you don’t even try yellow cheese, butter or juice made in Bulgaria anymore.

14. … when you believe T-Market is the most elegant supermarket ever.

15. … when you believe you have a get-out-of-trouble-for-free-card, just because you drive a 1988 BMW, with 400,000 kilometers.

16. … when you start enjoying electricity and water outages.

17. … when you understand this country better than yours.

18. … when you leave the fries inside the Hamburger you are having for lunch, without noticing.

19. … when you have been to Strandzha, Rila, Pirin, Sakar and Stara Planina at least twice and you talk to all bears, using their first names.

20. … when you honestly believe the NDK is the center of the world.

Note: An earlier version of this list was previously published on F&F Magazine, which is now part of The Sofia Globe.



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