Trombones, strawberries and ‘Lafka’: “The other day I woke up in Sofia”

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The other day I woke up and noticed I was in Sofia, Bulgaria.

When I got dressed and walked the street, I saw a man who was searching the trash for anything eatable. Next to him, another dude parked his Maserati Ghibli right on the zebra crossing.

When I crossed a boulevard, I almost got run over by a Chinese-built bus and a tram from Switzerland, which was so green that it reminded me of a cucumber.

Around the university and the music school, students were carrying books and picture frames, cellos and trombones, while school dropouts were sweeping the streets next to them.

At the corner of Boulevard Dondukov and Veslets Street, I noticed that a big kiosk, which had been there for ages, had suddenly disappeared, while a “Lafka” kiosk had popped up. When I heard that the “Lafka” chain is supposedly owned by Delyan Peevski, I got angry.

Then, just as a new government had been announced, which included radical nationalists, I thought that Bulgaria might need a convincing hero, or a heroine, who would guide the country into a bright future.

The strawberries sold at markets were almost as big as Nevski Cathedral. So were the holes dug for the third metro line.

When I looked up to the sky, I noticed spring had arrived so quickly. The birds were singing, up there in the trees, while teenagers were sitting on benches beneath them. Some were kissing, others smoking too much.

I did notice that the air quality sucked big time.

When I returned home, I noticed I wasn’t getting any younger or prettier, but definitely heavier. So I went back into hibernation, during which I would dream of Sofia.



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