General elections in the U.K.: Expats advised to register now

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The Electoral Commission in the United Kingdom is encouraging U.K. citizens living abroad to register to vote ahead of the election in June of 2017. In a statement it said, expats from the U.K. should “register sooner rather than later, to be sure they are registered in time to have their say”.

According to the information released, registering takes just a few minutes and can be done here.

The Director of Communications at the Electoral Commission, Craig Westwood, said, for the E.U. Referendum in 2016, the authorities had received more than 5,000 late registrations from overseas voters. “We don’t want anyone to lose their voice this polling day. Expats who are eligible to vote in the U.K. should register now, and once registered should apply to vote by proxy.”

At the 2015 General Election, 106,000 overseas voters were registered. At the end of 2016, there were already 264,000.

According to the commission, U.K. residents abroad must have previously been registered in a U.K. constituency within the last 15 years.

U.K. expats can vote by post, by proxy or in person. Voting by proxy means voting by appointing a person to vote on the expat’s behalf.

Detailed information can be accessed here.




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