Yet another 3-day weekend in Bulgaria: Heavy traffic and rain

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Due to yet another Bulgarian holiday on May 8, police are expecting heavy traffic on the main roads exiting Sofia and other cities. They urged drivers to be careful and to adapt their speed to the road conditions. The latter are generally catastrophic in this country.

Also, the authorities asked travellers to refrain from using the emergency lanes on motorways.

Most traffic was expected this afternoon and evening, as well as on Saturday morning. Also on Monday, when everyone returns home, motorways and main roads will likely be congested. During those times, trucks exceeding a weight of 12 tons will be banned on certain roads. But there are exceptions.

Since two tunnels are still being refurbished on Hemus Motorway, only one tube is open, in both cases. Those bottlenecks will probably lead to additional traffic jams.

The Bulgarian Railways announced the addition of a total of 14,000 seats for this 3-day weekend.

The weather will not be very festive, according to forecasters. Today, rainfall will annoy inhabitants and travellers in western Bulgaria. Maximum daytime temperatures will hit 15 degrees Centigrade in the very south of Bulgaria, or up to 27 degrees in the north.

On Saturday, temperatures will fall slightly, while the rain is expected to move to eastern Bulgaria, including the coast.

On Sunday, the rain will mainly affect northern and western Bulgaria. And on Monday, there won’t be any dry spot in the country, if the forecasts are accurate.




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