May 1st in Sofia: ‘Horo’ dances and meat instead of red flags

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No red flags were in sight, at least not on Monday evening in Sofia, as the May 1st holiday came to an end. At Vazrazhdane Park, located in the Zona B-5 quarter of the capital, an amusement park and some kind of a food festival attracted hundreds of people from that neighbourhood.

An empty swing carroussel at Sofia’s Zone B-5. Photo by Imanuel Marcus.

A bumper car ride proved to be very popular. While some 20 male teenagers and young men crashed into each other, a run-down flying swing was waiting for clients too. The merry-go-round for small kids was busy, while the smiling owner of a shooting gallery rested his estimated 150 kilos on a chair hidden under his massive body. He waited for anyone willing to shoot little, rotating metal rings off some hooks with the one rifle he had, in order to win Chinese plastic products.

A suckling-pig, which actually looked more like a goat, was displayed at a food stand, while turning above a fire. It seemed overcooked and rather dry. Customers at this stand purchased burgers instead, and flushed those down their throats with beer in plastic cups.

The suckling pig looked more like a goat. Photo by Imanuel Marcus.

But the main attraction was the music on stage. Two ladies were singing a folk tune, which made part of the audience start dancing a Bulgarian ‘Horo’. It is some kind of a traditional line dance. Some 30 people took part in this dance, while holding their neighbour’s hands and smiling.

Dozens of people were dancing a ‘Horo’ line dance. Photo by Imanuel Marcus.

The only issue was typical for the Balkans region: The sound system was set to a volume, which would have woken the dead. The folk songs performed on this stage in Sofia could probably be heard in Athens, Kiev, Budapest and on the International Space Station. That is how loud it was. The dancers did not seem to mind though.

The owner of the shooting gallery relaxed, while he was waiting for customers. Photo by Imanuel Marcus.




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