Kitaro in Sofia: Japanese New Age artist to perform at NDK in November

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Kitaro, the Japanese multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer and Grammy winner, will perform in Sofia.

The 64-year-old got his Grammy Award for his 1999 album “Thinking of You” in the category “Best New Age Album”. He was nominated an additional 15 times. In 1993, he received a Golden Globe award for “The Best Original Score”, which he composed and played for the movie “Heaven and Earth”.

Kitaro, whose original name is Masanori Takahashi, is part of a family of Buddhist farmers in Japan. His parents did not approve of his music ambitions, but he followed those anyway. In his high school, he played the guitar in a band, which covered American Rhythm & Blues tunes. When he joined the Far East Family Band, he was on the keyboards, while they toured the world.

It was 1977 when Kitaro started his solo career, releasing his first solo album in 1978. What he did sounded very different from everything everyone else did. Kitaro performed New Age symphonies.

Another big milestone of his earlier career was the composition and recording of the music score for the popular Japanese TV series “The Silk Road”. That soundtrack earned him Asian awards and the soundtrack albums sold extremely well.


In the 1980-s, a partnership with an American record label made sure he could release his albums, including earlier ones, in Western countries as well. His cooperation with Mickey Hart of the Grateful Dead and Jon Anderson of Yes made his popularity and record sales go through the roof.

By now, Kitaro has released 24 albums. He lives in California, but tours the world on a regular basis. The places he performs in are partially exotic. This applies to Tehran, where he gave a concert in 2014.

Kitaro is an original. There is only one of his kind.

The Kitaro gig had been scheduled for May, but then postponed to November 12, 2017, at 8:00 p.m.. It will take place at the National Palace of Culture (NDK), hall no. 3. Tickets, at a price range from 40 to 90 Leva, are available here.



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