The first one in Bulgaria: Tesla ‘Supercharger’ to be installed in Plovdiv

Written by on April 28, 2017 in Business - Comments Off on The first one in Bulgaria: Tesla ‘Supercharger’ to be installed in Plovdiv

There are not that many Teslas in Bulgaria. But a few Model S sedans, a white one and a few red ones, and at least one Model X, have been spotted in Sofia and on Trakia Motorway. In a country with an average salary of 484 Euro, only successful entrepreneurs or foreigners paid from abroad can afford them. So could mafiosi, but they usually drive AMG S and G class vehicles with modified exhaust pipes, but that is a different story.

The fact of the matter is: Tesla will install a Supercharger in Plovdiv. Superchargers are loading stations specifically for Tesla vehicles. Their use is free for Tesla owners. The American company calls those “the world’s fastest loading stations”. Their slogan would be “Find. Charge. Drive On.” This sounds pretty good, but does not really help much, when the next Supercharger is in Split (Croatia). This is the situation right now.

But help is on its way, according to Tesla. For the time being, the only Bulgarian Supercharger will be in Plovdiv, but there will be more in Skopje (Macedonia), Belgrade (Serbia), Inovo (Serbia), Thessaloniki (Greece), Lumia (Greece), Athens, Edirna (Turkey), Bursa (Turkey), Craiova (Romania), Bucharest and other locations in this region. This means, Tesla owners will be able to charge their vehicles within minutes soon, instead of hours.

In Europe, Germany is the country with most Tesla Superchargers, at this stage. The U.K. is also absolutely plastered with those charging stations. So are France, Switzerland, Austria and Sweden.



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