May 1st long weekend in Bulgaria: Wetter than wet on crammed roads

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It’s really nice out there now, isn’t it? We can see it through our office windows. Awesome, as the Americans would say, amazing, stunning, jolly good.

The bad news: It won’t last. And the good news? There are none, at least not for inhabitants of western or eastern Bulgaria.

So, the minute this three-day-weekend starts, rain will be falling down from the sky in and around Sofia, the north-west and parts of central Bulgaria. In rainy areas, temperatures will likely not exceed 22 degrees Centigrade, while in dry areas they will indeed. But along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, 15 to 17 degrees were forecast.

On Sunday, things will not be better, but worse. The rain will spread to many parts of Bulgaria and it might be cooler in the south. No improvement is expected at the coast either.

On Monday, May 1st, it will supposedly be dryer in many areas, but a bit cooler in Sofia.

By the time many of us are scheduled to stare at screens again, the weather will improve substantially, as always. Murphy’s Law.

Heavy traffic is expected on many roads this evening and tomorrow, as well as on Monday, when everyone is expected back home. This includes Hemus Motorway, Trakia Motorway and the road from Sofia towards Blagoevgrad, Sandanski and Kulata.





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