‘Hair’ in Sofia: Bulgarian production brings back some ‘flower power’

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“She asked me why. I’m just a hairy guy. I’m hairy noon and night. Hair, that’s a fright.” It was in 1967, exactly half a century ago, when the musical “Hair”, written and composed by James Rado, Gerome Ragni and Galt MacDermot, premiered off-broadway. Only months later, the production moved to Broadway. “Hair” was basically the first “Rock musical”, and therefore opened a new genre. A racially integrated cast portrayed “freaks”, who were part of the movement which opposed the Vietnam war, and which preached peace, equality, love, sexual freedom and “flower power”.

In 1979, “Hair” was revived, when Miloš Forman adapted it for the screen, starring Treat Williams and John Savage, who just visited the Sofia Film Fest. Forman included the new times, by applying a funky bass line to the intro tune “Aquarius” as well as some elements, which seemed modern at the time.

“Hair” will be performed on May 11, 2017 in Sofia. In this case, it is not a Broadway production, and it isn’t Forman either, but rather a Bulgarian cast from Plovdiv. The ballet, choir and orchestra of the Opera of Plovdiv will be involved, as well as eight soloists: Maggie Dzhanavarova, Mary Delcheva, Martin Kostadinov, Edith Undzhiyan, Elena Sirakova, Radoslav Vladimirov, Radostin Vasilev and Stelian Radev. As some kind of an honorary patron, John Savage was mentioned.

The event will be performed in English, with Bulgarian subtitles (which will probably appear on screens next to the stage). The whole thing will transpire at Sofia’s Musical Theater (“Musikalen Teater”) at Pametnika Levski, close to the big cathedral, in the center of Sofia.

At the “Musikalen Teater”, lots of musicals have been performed, both in Bulgarian and English. This included “Kotkite”, a Bulgarian version of Webber’s “Cats”, but also “Jesus Christ Superstar” and others. The Bulgarian approach, of course, is different. It usually sounds, looks and feels different, compared to Broadway. At the same time, countless stunning performances have been seen at that Musical Theater. Those included some soloists, who should be performing on Broadway.

“Hair”, May 11, 2017, 07:00 p.m., “Musikalen Teater”, Sofia, Bulgaria

Information in Bulgarian is available on the Plovdiv Opera’s Facebook page. Tickets, for 10, 15 or 20 Leva, are available here (weird looking website, in Bulgarian only).



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