Sofia Airport: Increased passenger numbers in March 2017

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In March of 2017, more than half a million passengers passed through Sofia Airport. The exact number is 515,857, according to Bulgarian National Television.

This amounts to a huge increase, compared to March of last year. On international flights, the growth was 53%, on domestic flights even 60%, the airport’s administration announced. There was an impressive 46% increase on charter flights as well.

Several aspects lead to the record numbers: Bulgaria Air offered promotional tickets. The fact that Wizz Air started daily flights from Sofia to Vienna contributed to the numbers as well.

A total of 4,663 aircraft landed at Sofia Airport in March, which is an increase of 26% compared to March of 2016.

What freight is concerned, a decrease by 11 percent was registered. Only 1,743 tons of freight and mail were registered last month.

This coming summer, Sofia Airport will have 68 flights per day, to destinations in Europe and the Middle East, which are offered by a total of 25 airlines.

There will be new regular flights to Catania (Sicily) and Bratislava. Cheap airlines will offer new flights to Frankfurt and Amsterdam.

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