Easter weekend ends with huge traffic chaos around Sofia

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Tens of thousands of Bulgarians were trying to return home in their vehicles after the 4-day Easter weekend on Monday evening. Many of them got stuck, especially on the motorways “Trakia” and “Hemus”, which was a foregone conclusion, since it happens every single year, around Easter.

But, this time around, things were worse, since the tunnels “Echemishka” and “Vitinya”, both on Hemus Motorway, are being repaired. In both cases, only one tube is operational for both directions. This aspect alone led to long queues.

When two rather harmless accidents happened, things got worse. A huge traffic jam of up to 10 kilometers in length developed.

Tragedy struck earlier on Monday, when a man intended to help a couple whose car had overturned, on Hemus Motorway. He was struck by another car and killed on the spot. The victim was an employee of a Bulgarian roadside assistance organisation.

Another pedestrian was hit on Trakia Motorway in the vicinity of Ihtiman, BNT reported. The fate of this person is not known.

An accident in front of the “Trajn” tunnel, on the same road, led to yet another traffic jam. The rainy weather did not improve the traffic either.

On Facebook, people who were stuck on those two motorways posted messages in Bulgarian, saying “Don’t use Hemus, 10 kilometers of traffic jams. Average speed: 10 kph.”.

Starting today, new construction projects in Sofia will lead to more traffic jams inside the city, especially on the way to Sofia Airport.




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