“Careers in White”: Job fairs for Eastern European doctors and medical workers in May

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Tens of thousands of medical workers and doctors from Bulgaria, Romania and other countries in South-Eastern Europe work in Western European countries, such as the U.K., Austria and Switzerland, where hospitals and similar institutions need to fill vacancies with qualified staff.

For young nurses, doctors, chiropractors and other qualified Eastern Europeans, there is a lot of opportunity abroad. They can earn five to 15 times as much, compared to what their income would be in their home countries. Also, they have the opportunity to get to know new countries and cultures.

The Careers in White project brings together doctors and medical workers from South-Eastern Europe and potential employers from the West. Founded in 2008 by Romanian medical students and professionals, the organisation offers job fairs for that purpose. In May, there will be several of those fairs in Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and Hungary.

The first Careers in White job fair will take place in Bucharest on April 29, 2017. On April 30, it is Craiova’s turn, on May 6, a fair for Timisoara is scheduled, on May 7 it is Budapest. These are the Bulgarian dates:

>> Sofia: May 13, 2017

>> Varna: May 14, 2017

Participants need to register on Careers in White’s website.

They are also offering job fair events in Greece. The only disadvantage: The countries of origin, such as Bulgaria and Romania, are suffering from the “brain drain” syndrome, while more and more qualified people are leaving those countries.




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