Which country offers the cheapest holiday homes? The winner is ….

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Holiday homes in foreign countries are a dream many Britons and other Europeans share. Some have the means to implement this dream, others do not. But the prices largely depend on the country. According to research by FairFX, a British currency card specialist, the cheapest holiday home will most likely be found in Bulgaria, at an average price of £90,734, the equivalent of 107,010 Euro.

The second cheapest location for holiday homes is Turkey, where a good place would have an average price tag of just over £104,000. Greece and Ireland are still relatively cheap, while holiday homes in the Czech Republic and Croatia are already over £180,000.

South Africa is the only non-European country among the 10 cheapest countries for holiday homes, at an average price of £222,144, or 261,992 Euro. The three remaining countries in the cheapest top 10 are Hungary, Cyprus and Portugal.

The ranking has another end, which is the expensive one. In Monaco, the average holiday home is £5,998,390, or well over 6 million Euro. In Switzerland, it would still be £1,125,945, and in the United States £408,981.

But the prices are not the only aspect one should consider, as FairFX publication admits. It is also about being able to get there easily and often. Those trips also cost money, which adds up over time.

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