Sofia Airport: Getting there will be tricky, due to construction work

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Sofia Airport’s shiny new Terminal 2 was opened 10 years and four months ago. Since then, something has been missing. Sure, this terminal has a Metro station now, its drinks and snacks places are probably the most expensive on the Balkan Peninsula, there is a tiny supermarket and a news stand. What it does not have is a road leading to it, at least not a proper one.

So, the city of Sofia thought, it might be time for a direct approach road. And, whoever came up with this glorious idea, was absolutely right. A road? Genius!

Depending on the time of the day, and also the time of the year, things do look pretty bad at the intersections of Prodan Tarakchiev Street and Boulevard Christopher Columbus, as well as Prodan Tarakchiev Street and Boulevard Brussels. The 84 bus, along with everyone else, would squeeze into the existing traffic jam on Tarakchiev, coming from Columbus, and create a rather big mess. Buses, industrial traffic and airport traffic would congest the entire area, especially on the way out of there.

Soon, there will be a direct link to Terminal 2, in the form of an overpass, which should improve things substantially. The only problems consist of the fact that this road link is being built 10 years late, and the foregone conclusion that the construction work, which will start next week, will lead to challenges. In less diplomatic terms: It will be a bloody mess.

This coming Tuesday, Boulevard Brussels will be closed for traffic, for several months. This means, whoever wants to get to Sofia Airport somehow, will have to choose an alternative:

>> Driving to Burgas and flying back to Sofia Airport will probably be one of the easier options. (Just kidding, but things will definitely be tricky).

>> Driving to Sofia Airport via Boulevard Christopher Columbus will be possible, in theory, but is not really recommended, at least not during the day, since it will be congested badly.

>> Taking the bus, line 84, looks like a great idea, at first glance. But there is one detail, which makes this option tricky too: The bus uses Boulevard Christopher Columbus, and will get stuck.

>> Taking the Metro, straight to Terminal 2: This is the best option of them all. In fact, it is the only option which makes any sense, under these circumstances.

But how about getting to Terminal 1? Since the city has not figured out a way to transport passengers and other people from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2, or the other way around, during the later working hours of the airport as well, driving there makes sense. At the same time it does not, because of the congestion. The best solution? I have no clue.

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