Lower Austria honours caretaker Foreign Minister Radi Naidenov

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The departing governor of the Lower Austria province, Erwin Pröll, has honoured Radi Naidenov, Bulgaria’s Foreign Minister in the caretaker government, by awarding him the regional Badge of Honour in the town of Pölten.

Pröll, a conservative politician, who resigned in January and will be replaced next week, said the award was “an expression of appreciation” for Naidenov and a “strong signal for our great cooperation over many years.” Naidenov was “a personality Lower Austria owes a lot of gratitude to”, Pröll stated.

Radi Naidenov thanked Pröll by saying, he was “notably touched”. Pröll was a “convinced European and a strong personality”. Bulgaria and Lower Austria had “intense relations”, the minister stated.

Radio Naidenov (left) and Erwin Pröll.

Naidenov was Bulgaria’s ambassador in Germany, when he was called upon by President Roumen Radev, to serve as the caretaker Foreign Minister.

The Austrian province of Lower Austria owns 51 percent of EVN, one of the largest transporters of electricity in Europe. EVN is also one of the three power distribution companies in Bulgaria. It supplies Plovdiv and surroundings, as far as Bourgas.

The governor of the German province of Saxony, Stanislaw Tillich, was also given a Badge of Honour.


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