Easter holidays in Bulgaria: Rain clouds, terror risks and traffic jams

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In Bulgaria and all other predominantly Christian countries on the face of the Earth, the Easter holidays are about to start, while for Bulgarian school kids, they already started last week.

The Secretary of the Interior in Bulgaria’s caretaker government, Georgi Abadzhiev, announced there was “an increased risk of terrorist activities in Bulgaria and throughout Europe”. The authorities under his watch are reacting: Over the holidays, an increased police presence will be visible, especially at locations where many people gather. This includes churches, shopping malls, airports and the public transport.

In the meantime the Bulgarian Border Police, which has not had any major corruption scandal in weeks, will also be working overtime, in order to make sure the expected congestion at border crossings will not be that bad. Border police officers will even be working during shift changes, which is a novelty in this region.

Since many families are expected to leave Bulgaria for Easter, via the nation’s airports and border crossings, the border police is reminding parents to bring along declarations of consent, signed by any parent who might not be travelling, and notarized. This definitely applies to parents of minors who are Bulgarian citizens, but possibly to holders of other passports as well.

A lot of traffic is expected on Bulgaria’s main roads, starting on Thursday afternoon, and lasting into Friday. The situation on the roads will be even worse on Monday, when everyone returns.

For those choosing to travel by train, Bulgarian state railways BDZ said it was adding a total of 13 800 additional seats on all routes over the four-day weekend. Additional carts were expected to be added to trains travelling on the most popular routes, mainly those linking Sofia to major cities and towns throughout the country.

The news about the Easter weather are not that great. On Friday, Bulgaria will supposedly be mostly dry, except for the southernmost point, around Smolyan, at daytime temperatures between 15 and 23 degrees.

On Saturday, the rain will spread into central and south-western Bulgaria, while temperatures will hardly change, according to forecasters. By Sunday, the rain clouds will spread all over the country and it will be a tiny bit colder. And on Monday, things will improve, but only in the north-western part of Bulgaria.

This year, both Orthodox and western Christians are celebrating Easter at the same time. This will happen again in 2025. (Read our article about the chaos around Easter dates).

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