Weekend weather forecast for Bulgaria: Doing it like Gene Kelly

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The weekend is coming closer by the minute. That’s the good news. The bad news is that large parts of Bulgaria will be confronted with a partially rainy and windy Saturday.

Bulgaria’s southernmost town of Smolyan definitely drew the short straw, with expected temperatures of -5 to +9 degrees Centigrade and rain. Along the Black Sea coast, anything goes, at 11 to 13 degrees, but at least it will be dry, supposedly, while the rest of the country will experience 10 to 15 degrees and might be doing it like Gene Kelly, by singing in the rain.

Sunday does look a bit better, according to forecasters, with hardly any rain and a temperature increase by around 3 degrees.

Once everyone is back at their desk and staring at their screens, things will look a lot better, through the office window. As of right now (Friday, at 15:10 hrs.), there will hardly be any clouds in the sky on Monday, and the mercury will rise even a little further.

In Sofia, the municipality announced the best news since the invention of the juice machine: The city’s fountains will be turned on, including the one in front of the Ivan Vazov Theatre.






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