Websites & online banking: The 10 best passwords for expats in Bulgaria

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Passwords! Remembering them all turns out to be a little tricky. Even remembering the sites and accounts we need them for is a real challenge.

The other day, I typed my bank password into my Facebook account login field, my e-mail password into my upload login field for this website, and my shoe size into a field belonging to a subscription form, for some useless newsletter. The problem: That field was asking for my age, but my shoe size is substantially lower than that.

As an expat, I use passwords related to the country I live in, for reasons having to do with respect for that country. My online banking password is “banichka1!!?”, my Facebook password is “pirzhenikartofi22” and my porn site password is “sickflick69”. For Zamunda, I have thought of something really special: “nyamakak100”.

Passwords have become a status symbol. Since we feel obliged to offer valuable advice to our readers, we have come up with the very best passwords for expats in Bulgaria. Your friends will be impressed. Here they are:

10. “hubovoichudesno77”

A nice, neutral password which will demonstrate your positive attitude. Recommended.

9. “maikata81”

This one shows respect for the boss of the family.

8. “moyaparola”

The perfect password for Alzheimer patients and … what is this about, again?

7. “haide2017!!§$”

This password will show your colleagues you mean business. Not recommended for procrastinators!

6. “GetLostImbecile.MeFirst”

For those suffering from the Bulgarian Road Rage Syndrom (BRRS). It is contagious.

5. “!!1homesick1!!” 

A password for those who do miss the rain and the high prices in the U.K. and elsewhere.

4. “happysushicrispysalmonx6!”

Ever tasted those? Too good to be real. A delicious password.

3. “latraviata33”

Oh, this one is for intellectuals and philistines, who would visit the Sofia Opera in sneakers and listen to Simon & Garfunkel on their car stereo.

2. “samo50leva”

A brilliant password for those who exaggerated with their expenses at the beginning of the month.

1. “pothole1million”

The mother of all passwords for expats in Bulgaria. Use it with pride.

Soon: “How to cut your toe nails while driving to the supermarket, arguing with your spouse and petting the dog” and other valuable advice.

An earlier version of this article was posted on F&F Magazine, which is now part of The Sofia Globe, in August of 2016.



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