Sofia’s Mayor Fandakova: Book stalls at Slaveikov Square will stay

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As it turned out today, the book stalls at Slaveikov Square in Sofia will stay after all. At the Municipal Council, Mayor Yordanka Fandakova said in response to a declaration on the subject by the Sofia branch of the Bulgarian Socialist Party, there was no project which would remove the book market.

Her firm decision and personal commitment was not only that the book market would return, but that there was place for the functioning of the market, Fandakova stated. But she also said she was firmly against the selling of books from boxes, because in Sofia good bookshops had opened, which provided that kind of service.

Mayor Fandakova’s large reconstruction and renovation project for Slaveikov Square and the area around it, including Graf Ignatiev Street, has led to lots of discussions, especially about the number of trees in that part of the capital, but also about the book market.

There had been talk about an option to limit the book market to three days per week, from Friday to Sunday. The book traders protested by collecting signatures for a declaration, in order to save the market.

During the reconstruction of Slavejkov Square, the book market will move to the park next to nearby Hotel Rila.

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