A busy weekend ends in Sofia: Bikers, firecrackers and Easter bunnies

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During the weekend, which just ended in Sofia, a lot of people got busy with a wide variety of activities. First of all, the 18 degrees forecast turned out to be 25 degrees Centigrade. Most of the time, there was not a single cloud in the sky. Thousands of inhabitants and tourists decided to walk Vitosha Boulevard up and down. And up again. In a Sofia park, officials and volunteers started a “spring cleaning”. In other parts, people were very active as well.

For some reason, CSKA soccer club fans, hundreds of them, had some kind of a demonstration in the very city center on Sunday. Ul. Rakovski was closed for traffic, while it happened. All participants seemed to be die-hard fans. They threw around firecrackers, spread colourful smoke, and created an atmosphere, which was a little scary.

Hundreds of CSKA fans walked Sofia’s city center, throwing firecrackers. Photo by Imanuel Marcus.

A day earlier, thousands of motorbikers had gathered in front of Nevski Cathedral. This huge get-together was quite loud. Tourists and worshippers on site did not expect this kind of reality over there.  The Sofia Globe checked out the situation, and met a former Harry Potter movie actor.

The biker gathering at Nevski Cathedral brought together thousands.

Not that far away, at the City Garden, a “German Easter Market” did not attract that many people. Sofia seems to be the only place on the planet which has this kind of market, since that tradition actually does not exist in Germany. It seems to be a business invention, which intended to build on the big success of the German Christmas Market.

Sofia hosts the only “German Easter Market” in the world, since this is not a German tradition. Photo by Imanuel Marcus.

A few kilometers east, at school no. 119, many seventh-graders from all over town felt the pressure. They came here on Sunday, in order to rehearse their “Matura” exams, which they will be confronted with in May. The outcome of those important exams will determine what kind of school each pupil will be able to attend, starting in 8th grade.

At school no. 119, seventh-graders were rehearsing their “Matura”. Photo by Imanuel Marcus.

Oh yes, lots of Sofia inhabitants finally got rid of their Martenitsi. While no storks were seen in the city, blossoming flowers were. So, an estimated 183,251 Martenitsi ended up being tied to tree branches. In the sun.

Lots of Martenitsi shared the same fate: They were hung high on trees. Photo by Imanuel Marcus.



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