Start of motorbike season: 5000 bikers to hit Sofia streets on Saturday

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Some worshippers and tourists at the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia will be surprised this Saturday morning. That is because in front of the house of God they will hear the roar of thousands of motorbike engines. The biker season officially starts on April 1. Those involved in the upcoming rally want everybody to know.

At least 5000 (yes, in words: five thousand) motorbike enthusiasts are expected to take part. They will meet around the big cathedral at 10am on Saturday morning, before riding their big Suzukis, Hondas, Kawasakis, BMWs and Harleys through the city. Later, they will meet in the Boyana quarter, where the event will continue.

For the Sofia Traffic Police, the upcoming big day was reason enough to meet with representatives of a motorbike club. Afterwards, Traffic Police chief Tencho Tenev called on “all road users”, including bikers, “to comply with the traffic rules and be tolerant” towards other traffic participants in Sofia.

Traffic police chief Tencho Tenev (centre) and bikers, during their meeting.

The message conveyed by Ivan Sazdov, who is heading the “Gentlemen” biker club, sounded similar: Mutual respect and discipline on the road were important. He told Bulgarian National Television that his organisation wanted “more tolerance and less aggression” on the roads. “It is time to respect each other as people on the road,” instead of behaving “like animals in the jungle”.

Sure, many bikers usually try to look as dangerous as possible, in black leather jackets covered with pictures of skulls or the Iron Cross, which wasn’t always used by good people only, and wearing sunglasses and tattoos. While seeming menacing, they obviously want to be as peaceful as teddy bears, which is good news.

Regarding motorbike accidents, authorities in Sofia said their number had decreased slightly in 2016. They are hoping for a continuation of that trend. Traffic police do have motorbikes too. They intend use them to check bikers, not just this Saturday, for the start of the season, but throughout the latter.

Saturday will not be a quiet day in Sofia. Many bikers seem to think everybody loves their engine noise as much as they do. Also their big encounter will not exactly improve the air quality in the city. But otherwise things will be fine, as long as the bikers are as tolerant, peaceful and respectful as they announced.

Photos by the Ministry of the Interior





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