Sofia Metro construction: European Commissioner for Transport takes a peek

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Violeta Bulc, the European Commissioner for Transport, inspected the Metro in Sofia on Friday, just as more European funding is expected to be approved. Those funds are intended to cover the costs for one segment of the new third Metro line.

Commissioner Bulc took a ride on the Metro, looked at the construction, and visited the central Serdica Metro station, where archaeological surprises await visitors. “It is really good to see that European money is being used properly”, the Slovenian commissioner said.

Bulgarian National Television (BNT) quoted Bulc saying she was impressed by the data provided to her. “I am very pleased that the construction will continue. This will help many (people) and it will reduce carbon emissions in Sofia”.

European Commissioner Violeta Bulc in a Sofia Metro station. Photo by BNT.

That reduction is urgently required. Sofia is the most polluted capital in Europe with the largest number of deaths caused by air pollution.

At this stage, eight Metro stations, along with the tunnels connecting them, are under construction. The new line will connect the residential districts of Souhata Reka, Hadzhi Dimitar, Krasno Selo, Slavia, Belite Brezi, Lagera and Hipodruma with the city center.

The Ovcha Kupel quarter will also be included. At this stage, tens of thousands of inhabitants in that area, and hundreds of students of a private university located there, have to rely on buses, which take them across streets, most of which are in bad condition and very congested during peak times.

Those first eight Metro stops will supposedly be completed by 2019.

Photo at top: Metro construction on Boulevard Patriarch Evtimiy in Sofia on January 29th, 2017. Photo by Imanuel Marcus.



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