President Radev in Rome: Bulgaria will be committed to future of EU

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In Rome, Bulgaria’s President Roumen Radev said, his country would continue to be committed “to the future of our European project with even more energy” when it presides over the European Council. Radev indicated Bulgaria would work closely with other member states as well as the European institutions.

The head of state from Sofia made these statements after the celebrations of the 60th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome. “We will support any effort which would allow us to improve our union,” Radev said, “preserving its worthy achievements.”

According to President Radev, the adoption of the Rome Declaration was crucial for the development of the ongoing discussions on the future of the European Union. “The declaration reaffirms the unity of the Union and its indivisibility. It reflects our common understanding that the EU needs to be more efficient and strengthen its relationship with citizens, particularly in the context of the many unprecedented complex internal and external challenges in recent years,” Radev added.

Radev’s remarks were listened to closely, not just because he is President of an EU member, but also because some media and observers expected him to be less pro-European than his statements have suggested so far.

The 60th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome coincides with the 10th anniversary of Bulgaria’s EU membership.

From January until June of 2018, Bulgaria will hold the Presidency of the European Council. In that role, the country’s main tasks will be to plan and chair meetings in the Council and its bodies, and to represent the Council in relations with other EU institutions.



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