Direct flights from Sofia to New York: An unfulfilled dream

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Going to Sofia Airport, checking in, having a beer for eight leva, and finally boarding an Airbus A340 with the Bulgaria Air logo on its oversized tail, would be nice indeed. Then, the huge aircraft would race down the runway, take off into the evening sky, and take course towards the city that doesn’t sleep, the city of cities. Nine hours later, that huge jet, owned by that Bulgarian company, would touch down at John F. Kennedy Airport, or at Newark in neighbouring New Jersey.

After an expensive shopping spree on 5th Avenue, a selfie session in front of Trump tower, a Hamburger meal, a glimpse of Times Square, and a walk across Brooklyn Bridge, the big bird would take the vacationer back to where he or she came from, without deviations and annoying transfers from one plane to another. A direct flight from Sofia to New York City and back. A truly nice vision.

Awesome. But let’s get back into real life. In reality, this dream will not be fulfilled anytime soon. Passengers bound for New York or other U.S. destinations will have to continue going via Charles de Gaulle, Heathrow, Gatwick, Frankfurt, Schiphol or some other stupid airport. Damn.

So, if Air Serbia can offer direct New York flights from Belgrade, why can’t we? Come on! By the way: Didn’t Hristo Shterionov, the CEO of Sofia Airport, tell the publication Pressa that there would be direct flights from Sofia? Yes, he did. Two years ago, to the day.

Yovsko Yotsev of the Bulgarian Airlines Association has an answer. Darik News quotes him saying, there was “currently no serious interest in the implementation of such flights”. An establishment of a direct line like this one required huge investments and would include many hidden risks.

According to Yotsev, the plans developed “by one of the Bulgarian carriers” to offer direct flights from Sofia to New York were “frozen”. Well, airports might have loads of deicing fluid in storage, but even that will not give Sofia Airport a truly intercontinental connection.

Balkan Air, Bulgaria Air’s predecessor, had direct New York flights, until the American authorities banned those.

O.k., whatever. Let’s keep on ruining our soles by walking 10 kilometers through endless corridors at Frankfurt’s Rhine Main Airport. Let’s have Quiche Lorraine at Charles De Gaulle Airport. And let’s enjoy those exciting bus transfers from Heathrow to Gatwick and back, on rainy motorways.







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