CeBIT computer trade fair in Hanover: Bulgaria has its own pavilion

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CeBIT in Hanover, Germany, is the largest computer and information technology expo on the face of the Earth. This year’s edition starts today and ends on Friday. Far more than 200,000 visitors are expected, including business pioneers and leading politicians. CeBIT was founded in 1970, when even Bill Gates was still using pens and paper.

This fair usually highlights new technology, made by both huge international companies and small garage endeavours. This includes robots, virtual glasses, super-fast processors and storage technology, gaming and a lot more.

This year, CeBIT will focus on “ideas and solutions for a digital world”, among other things. What the constant development of our digital world means for business and what kind of business models make sense in the latter are subjects which will be covered.

According to experts, drones are yet another area to look for this year. So is cyber security for companies and individuals.

Bulgarian companies will be introduced in their own pavilion in Hanover. Ten medium-sized companies from Bulgaria will showcase their products, while some of their representatives will hold speeches and forge new contacts.

The Bulgarian participation was planned and organised by the Bulgarian Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Agency (BSMEPA), which belongs to the Ministry of Economy in Sofia.

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